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2nd international conference on violent flows

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    Violent Flows 2012 allowed exchanges and discussions on the latest achievements in research on strongly nonlinear hydrodynamics in all its aspects. With the advent of high performance computers and new technologies in computation and experiment, research in this field is currently attracting much attention and a large amount of work is being carried out aiming at a variety of applications. For example, in naval architecture and ocean engineering, slamming, green-water impact on deck, sloshing, damaged ship survivability,etc. are strongly nonlinear phenomena relevant for many engineering problems. This is also the case in many other engineering fields were violent liquid flows exist: automotive (sloshing, aquaplaning...), aeronautics (ditching, sloshing...), processes,etc. In this context, the numerical simulation appears as a crucial tool for engineers and dedicated novel methods had to developed to cope with these complex nonlinear problems. Latest advances regarding these new methods were presented at the conference, including emerging immersive/interactive simulation techniques of these flows. The development of these techniques was especially encouraged by the European Commission through the funding of the FP7 project NextMuSE which supported the Violent Flows 2012 organization. This book of proceedings gives a short view of the keynotes and proposes the full text of the papers which were presented at Violent Flows 2012.
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